RemiPlus Website and Tablet app

cropped view of Home page Remiplus

The brief

The makers of REMICADE wanted to create a new consumer-oriented website focusing on the needs of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis patients along with a parallel site for healthcare professionals treating those patients. In the original plans for the project was a tablet application that would be available to patients during their two-hour medication infusion and would provide educational and entertainment content.

What I did

A number of major decisions had already been made before I joined the project but I was able to find market research documents the client had contracted from the agency MadPow and do online research on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I even created some simple patient Personas for my own reference.

One of the early decisions made was to put all the content behind a login and require registration with personal details to view it. I saw potential problems ahead when patients would want to access the content through the tablet application. I could picture someone in the infusion room, hooked up to an IV and unable to use the tablet at all because s/he has forgotten his/her password.

After walking Creative and Tech through a couple of workflows, we agreed on the one below allowing patients to view restricted content on the tablet without a password.

RemiPlus Consumer registration workflow
RemiPlus process flow

Redesign: The Remiplus website had been live for about six months. The tablet application was not completed for legal reasons (common in the Pharma world). Someone higher up realized that having so much content hidden behind a firewall meant the website had bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We were asked to integrate the content back into the Remicade site.

This time, we had an Account executive familiar with the concept of Customer Journey Maps. I resurrected the simple Personas I created earlier and studied online forums set up for RA patients to help round out the details.

I created a total of three patient personas and two healthcare professional personas.

Persona Number 1
Sample Persona

We finished the Customer Journey Map then the project was postponed.

Today, Remiplus has been integrated back into the REMICADE website and personalized tools are available through a mobile application. Some of the content and subject headings are the same, but quite a bit of the information architecture was changed.

Dosing section from original wireframe
Dosing section from original wireframe
Dosing section now on REMICADE website
Dosing section now on REMICADE website